„Experience from under 12m sea levels to about 5000m – there are a lot of amazing things Ive done in my life so far“



Java Boot Camp 

Trips to New Zealand, Sardinia





Trading & Travelling 4.0.

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Trips to Israel, Lofoten, Switzerland, Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Jordan 


Trading & Travelling 3.0.

Trips to Crete, Norway, Lapland, South France, Switzerland


Trading & Travelling 2.0

Trekking in Gran Canaria, Scotland, Iceland (Laugavegur), Corsica (GR20) and New Zealand (Te Araroa)

Climbing in South France


Further travellings (Tuscany, Ireland, Scotland, England, Bali&Lombok, Sri Lanka, Nepal, UAE, Istanbul)


Online Nutrition Consultancy (www.smart-low-carb.de)


Quit my job to start a vagabond life to explore countries & regions like Morocco, Andalucia, Portugal, the Pyrenes, Norway, Dalmatia, the French Alps, New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand

2008 – 2014

Working as a wealth manager at PSM Vermoegensverwaltung in Munich. Comfy living in beautiful flats in Munich, later with a great flatmate. Further increasing interest in healthy nutrition topics and sports climbing. Doing lots of outdoor sports like hiking, mountain climbing, Isar rafting & spending lots of my time in the nature but also with friends in bars and restaurants. Some great journeys to Vietnam, Egypt & Sicily

2002 – 2008

Studying business administration in Tuebingen & Sydney

Some internships in the finance sector in Duesseldorf & Stuttgart

Other Milestones: My first 4000 peak (Lagginhorn, 2003); Death of my mother (2006);

2001 – 2002

Bundeswehr in Muensingen

1992 – 2001

Abitur at Heinrich-Heine-Gymnasium, Ostfildern

My interests at that time were at first watching birds, being in nature, geography, swimming, playing music instruments, reading and later more fitness gym, badminton, hockey, skating, listening to music, playing pc games, internet, photography, mountain climbing and finance topics


Born at the 9.9. in Stuttgart and growing up in Ostfildern